Medical Mould

China's medical device industry has developed rapidly from small to large. It has become a sunrise industry with complete product categories, increasing innovation ability and strong market demand. Especially in recent years, development speed of medical device industry has been further accelerated, output value has maintained double-digit growth for many years, and quantity and technology content of product exports have also been rising. According to sample survey of Medical Devices Branch of China Medical Material Association, sales volume of medical devices in China in 2015 was about 308 billion yuan, up 52.4 billion yuan from 255.6 billion yuan in 2014, with an average growth rate of about 20.05%. In recent years, growth rate of total output value of medical devices and pharmaceutical industry shows that development speed of medical devices is generally faster than that of pharmaceutical industry.
There are about 10,000 kinds of medical devices, 34 categories, and 4,000 enterprises, such as health care devices and polymer plastics products are also part of them. Almost all parts involve medical moldings. From hyperbaric oxygen chamber to hearing aid and cardiac pacemaker, polymer composite material forming, bio-life engineering, and precise and ultra-precise dies for parts and components of medical devices play an important role in manufacture of medical devices. From 2008 to 2015, sales revenue of China's medical device industry increased from 65.9 billion yuan to 308 billion yuan. According to 1:100 driving effect of mould industry, market scale of medical molding in 2015 was 3.08 billion yuan.

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