Daily Necessities Mould

United States is still the largest export market of plastic products for daily use in China, accounting for 36% of total export share, up 1.4 percentage points from same period last year. Overall, China's status as a world factory has not changed, but we should also pay close attention to current situation of some foreign-funded enterprises transferring to Vietnam and other places and take corresponding countermeasures.
As of November 2012, China's daily plastic products output was 481 138 tons, an increase of 31.1% year on year. From January to November, China's daily plastic products output totaled 4195 220 tons, an increase of 14.9% over same period last year. Plastics industry has been growing in different regions. Statistical analysis shows that in the past, plastics processing industry in relatively weak provinces such as Hunan, Hainan, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and so on, output of plastics products increased by more than 50% in 2012, but unbalanced pattern of regional distribution has not changed much, with high energy consumption, low processing technology content and labor-intensive products. It gradually flows to less developed areas.

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