Plastik injection moulding workshop decoration

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Plastik injection moulding workshop decoration - For these who want to start his(her) own plastik injection moulding workshop
  • 5 difficult points of injection workshop management
1. Variables
There are too many variables in injection workshop. For example, plans, plastik molding, equipment are full of unpredictability. It is difficult for us to do things first, so quick response is a key point of workshop management. This requires quality of our existing staff to be higher. So I think the most important thing in a workshop is job training, because everything is done by basic production factors of people. At the same time, we must also clearly see that power of individual is small, strength of team, combination of personal strength and team wisdom can make work more effective. I have been working on a perfect team building for many years. I personally think that strength of team is endless. One can't do everything that doesn't leak.
2, Training effect guarantee
There must be a plan before training. What is most needed to let employees know at the moment is necessarily targeted. For example, what is training of technicians, what is supplement, what is training of production line staff, what is training of foreman or team leader, documents are formed and kept as assessment basis. If training has no effect, it is better not to train. At the same time, training should be conducted for weak links, such as full participation in 5S construction training courses, and training for TPM and SMED for technical management personnel such as technicians and foremen. Before conducting these trainings, we must first let trainees realize benefits of these tasks.
3. Assessment implementation
It is said that without pressure a well produces no oil and a person creates nothing. Establish good rules and regulations, set an example, and have clear rewards and punishments. We must adhere to assessment system and pass it on. For example, employee's daily performance appraisal, technician on-duty work review, workshop weekly review, 5S monthly review, and some of courses we have trained must continue, and there must be perfect institutional constraints.
4. Work breakdown, clarify job responsibilities, perform their duties
Don't put too much on each job, let everyone do work fine. For example, who cares for plastik molding, who manages bad products, and so on. This kind of saying may make people feel that they are too wasteful of human resources. Actually, I prefer phrase of Haier CEO. "It is not ordinary to do ordinary things well. It is not easy to do simple things well." Posts are formulated with reasonable and appropriate job descriptions to clarify responsibilities of each position so that employees understand their work and functions. Try to reduce level of command, try to learn to argue problem, reduce situation of just “one have a say”, we can often see many companies, senior-level cadres, often speak and export, but often not from reality.
5. Pay close attention to quality
There are two main reasons for grasping quality: first, to eliminate inflow of defective products, and second, to reduce defects and improve production efficiency. This requires us to carefully analyze quality defects and identify problems to better solve problem. Problem should be presented at a regular quality communication meeting and come up with a solution before proposal, at least in a feasible program adopted within department. Internally, we have to analyze our own reasons and deficiencies, cause bad links there, and come up with solutions. If we do this, we will have courage to communicate with other departments.
  • 10 waste of plastik injection moulding
1. Structure design and processing of plastik molding are unreasonable, resulting in many trials and mold changes, waste of material, electricity and labor is very large;
2. There are many sprues and peripheral burrs of injection molded parts, amount of post-processing is large, number of positions is large, and labor is wasted;
3. Use, maintenance and maintenance of plastik molding are low, plastik molding in the production process are often damaged, maintenance of plastik molding frequently causes waste;
4. Use, maintenance and maintenance of plastik injection moulding machine is poor, service life of plastik injection moulding machine is shortened, and waste caused by maintenance of machine;
5. Staffing of plastik injection moulding workshop is unreasonable, division and responsibilities of labor is unclear, things to be done are not done, resulting in a waste of injection molding production.
6. Vocational skills training is not in place, post staff has low work ability, poor work quality, long adjustment time, and many problems cause waste;
7. Concept is backward, not advancing with times, not learning, not improving, management level of plastik injection moulding technology is low, and production efficiency in plastic mould making process is low, resulting in waste;
8. Control of plastic mould making process is not in place, amount of waste in production is large, non-performing rate is high, and batch return is wasteful;
9. In trial mold and plastik injection moulding production, use of raw materials exceeds plan, nozzle water or rubber head is not strictly controlled, and loss of plastic raw materials causes waste;
10. “Material”, “work” and “fee” loss caused by improper arrangement of plastik injection moulding production plan or machine, frequent conversion or replacement of machine production.
  • 12 measures to ensure high quality, efficiency and low consumption for plastik injection moulding workshop
1. Scientifically and reasonably determine staffing of plastik injection moulding department. We must have equired personnel (such as mold maintenance personnel, machine maintenance personnel, production engineers, test molders, etc.) to ensure smooth operation of plastik injection moulding workshop; Mold trail personnel can support each other with on-site production technicians, production engineers can coordinate operation of entire workshop, so that there will be no hard work in one part, but nothing in the other, avoiding waste of manpower.
2. Clarify job responsibilities of each position, so that everyone knows their responsibilities, and is responsible for what they do, to achieve state of “everything is managed, everyone is in charge”; work details, personnel elaboration, responsibility of workshop to every person. Implementation of accountability system, which link has problem, it is necessary to find person in charge of which link.
3. Custom-made personnel in workshop arrange board, rationalize relationship between superior and subordinate, and make workshop work standardized and clarified. Even the first time to workshop, people can understand everything at a glance. This is visual management we need to introduce. Person in charge of machine, person in charge of health, office area, conference room, semi-finished product area, finished product area, rework area, we manage with color, for example, rework is yellow area, defective product is red area, semi-finished product is blue area, and finished product is green area.
4. Avoid doing things by experience alone. On spot, the most words we often hear is we are all doing this, and we have not heard anything. This is wrong. Middle-level leaders should educate their subordinates from details. How to do it right, how to do it wrong, For example, in 2002, an apprentice worker hangs plastik molding to shoulder and then slams hydrant underneath. Because hydrant is not easy to slam, workshop management is quite chaotic. Many people turn mold around to view it. As a result, lifting ring falls off, and a colleague’s foot is injured on the spot. When questioning afterwards, he said they have always been doing this. Problem highlighted here is that leadership has not fulfilled its responsibilities.
5. Check on mold trial strictly to ensure smooth plastik injection moulding and stable quality. From beginning, do a good job of "identification" and resume of plastik molding. For some problems, you may invest a lot of energy, discuss and verify, and try not to delay time to deal with problem.
6. Enhance awareness of mold maintenance, do a good job in use and maintenance of plastik molding, reduce mold failure during plastic mould making process, do a good job in use, maintenance and maintenance of injection molding machines and peripheral equipment, reduce equipment failures, ensure stable plastic mould making process, and extend life of equipment; special personnel check, and make a record. For example, plastik molding, each class check once for maintenance in production of plastik molding on the machine, for example each class is cleaned by master of mold department or by technician of injection department. If machine is normal and plastik molding is normal, loss of raw materials can be done very well.
7. Performance appraisal mechanism to enhance work responsibility and work enthusiasm of personnel in each position. Important point is how to award and punish.
8. Strengthen vocational skills training of personnel in various positions, and formulate and implement training plans for employees at all levels of injection department according to actual work needs of different positions to improve professional skills and quality of work of each position.
9. Actively introduce and learn advanced production management mode of plastik injection moulding industry, absorb advantages and strengths of others, not satisfied with current status, and strive to continuously improve. The biggest problem is that you can't see problem. You should constantly learn new plastik injection moulding technology, management knowledge, actively participate in training, and take road of scientific plastik injection moulding. Even if you only improve by one percent every day, you are afraid that you will not progress or you will be arrogant and proud that you have reached peak.
10. Increase implementation of various management systems, operational processes and regulations. This is extremely important. If we only train, do not assess, and do not actually use, then our efforts are equal to zero. It is necessary for subordinates to attach importance to our work and introduce training courses in a timely manner. Where work is not applicable, improvements can be made, but it cannot be said by one mouth, there must be factual basis. Plastik injection moulding production information allows people directly involved in production (including operators) to know how to improve communication and reduce problems.
11. Do plastik injection moulding production planning, on-site inspection and handover work, reduce frequent exchange of machine production, and prevent problems in previous shift from occurring in next shift. Aforementioned problem with mold history can be used here. When mold arrives at workshop, we can compare data. In this document, we can clearly reflect production status of mold, what problems have occurred in previous production and so on.
12. Weekly production meeting of injection department is held, summarizing problems in production, analyzing reasons, distinguishing responsibilities, and proposing effective improvement measures, arranging work plan and improvement project for next week.
  • Attach importance to detailed management system
Production site management includes on-site material management, program management, equipment management, tool management, personnel management, scheduling management, 8S management, etc., which should be paid more attention to some detail management that is considered to be very simple.
1. Personnel identification management
How to conduct on-site management of personnel identification?
1) Different wearing: A. Armbands, armbands, epaulettes, qualified personnel must wear logo; B. Work card color, personnel number, name, and with position and qualification.
2) Use different dresses: A. Skilled workers are different from unskilled workers; B. Wear appropriate clothing according to their duties.
3) Photographing of members of organization: draw organizational structure, paste photo of person in corresponding position, and publish it on board.
2. System management (visual management)
Visual management is use of visual tools for preventive management of progress of job site, inventory of materials or semi-finished products, poor quality conditions, equipment failures, and reasons for downtime. Make everyone understand state of good or bad, even if newcomers can quickly reduce quality difference in job.
1) Do a good job in planning and regional division of plastik injection moulding workshop, and reasonably define placement area of machine, peripheral equipment, raw materials, molds, packaging materials, qualified products, defective products, nozzle materials and tools, and clearly mark them.
2) Working status of plastik injection moulding machine needs to be linked to “status card”.
3) Production of “emergency parts” requires production of single shifts and rush sign.
4) Draw “feeding line” on barrel and specify feeding time.
5) Arrange staff of aircraft reasonably and designate special personnel to strengthen inspection and supervision of labor discipline.
6) Do manual arrangement and shift work of injection department staff well during meal time, and do a good job in shifting work of temporarily leaving post.
7) Arrange for special personnel to clean machine, plastik molding, lubrication, maintenance and abnormal problems.
8) Follow-up and exception handling of product quality and production quantity.
9) Check, recycle, and clean up model, process card, operation instructions and related materials.
10) Strengthen inspection and supervision of filling of various reports and board contents.
3. Material Management
Classify materials management. For example, two main parts of main material and production auxiliary materials are separately produced. Main raw materials for production can be issued according to production plan; auxiliary materials are set up according to unit price, use and quantity. Fill in the "Material Application Form" correctly and report it to supervisor for confirmation. Oral claims under normal circumstances should be rejected. Managers took lead in demonstrating. Procedure is not only to leave a voucher, but also to accurately control quantity and avoid waste, so that managers can know.
4. Use and management of plastik injection moulding
Plastik injection moulding is an important tool for plastik injection moulding. Condition of plastik molding directly affects quality of product, production efficiency, material consumption, position and other indicators. To make production smooth, use, maintenance and maintenance of plastik injection moulding must be done. Main management tasks are as follows:
1) Name and number of plastik molding should be clearly defined, preferably by color.
2) Do mold trial well, formulate mold acceptance criteria, and check on quality of plastik molding strictly.
3) Formulate rules for use, maintenance and maintenance of plastik molding.

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