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e-cigarette molding 

Development and new application of electronic cigarette

China is currently the world's largest producer and exporter of e-cigarettes, mostly for international tobacco giants or e-cigarette brands, supplying 90% - 95% of e-cigarette products and accessories worldwide, and has now formed a group of electronic cigarette manufacturers integrating research, development, production and sales of electronic cigarettes. As an emerging product, e-cigarettes have achieved rapid development in past decade. Demand for smoking cessation and smoke reduction caused by government propaganda, as well as curiosity of young people, are natural advantages of electronic cigarette develoment. These two reasons determine its natural attributes for gradual replacement of traditional tobacco. Under this general trend, it can be seen from rapid growth of manufacturers' investment in advertising and marketing that enterprises in this industry hope to quickly occupy market in line with tide of consumer change, and objectively boost rapid development of industry. E-cigarettes, as an emerging industry of new tobacco products, can be said that e-cigarette components are small and complete. From atomizers, cigarette holders, battery rods, etc., industrial chain is extensive, glass, plastics and ceramics all shine in electronic cigarette products.

Importance of mold quality to e-cigarette products

An excellent e-cigarette product is not only related to research & development strength of e-cigarette companies and market thinking of boss, but more importantly, is there an excellent e-cigarette ID design. For e-cigarette companies, it is not easy to get an excellent ID design. In reality, many excellent design schemes designed by e-cigarette companies are not enough to have excellent design capabilities. They also should have excellent plastic mold factory to realize design and become truly excellent products. There are many plastic die mould manufacturer who can develop and manufacture e-cigarette molding, but there is not much real understanding of e-cigarette molding and product processing characteristics. There are very few plastic die mould manufacturer that can strictly adhere to food-grade standards using raw materials and processing. Gud Mould is a professional plastic mold factory of molds and injections. It has a professional product design team, a mold flow analysis team, a mold design team and a precision machining team. More importantly, professional e-cigarette market development team and quality testing center team. It laid a solid foundation for early evaluation of product, quality assurance and after-sales service in later stage.

Application of electronic cigarette products in e-cigarette molding

e-cigarette molding 

Electronic cigarette product characteristics

● Most of materials are high temperature engineering materials.
● Temperature range is relatively narrow, and temperature control requirements are very high.
● Material has poor fluidity, requires high balance and smoothness of flow channel.
● Temperature is close to 350 degrees, and material of hot runner is required to be high.
● There are many transparent materials, which require high precision for mold polishing.
● Appearance requirements and size requirements are particularly strict.
Equipment List of Gud Mould 

E-cigarette product runner

Advantages and disadvantages of cold runner 

Advantages: Simple and low cost of mold structure
Disadvantages: More waste of raw materials

Advantages and disadvantages of hot runner 

Advantages: no waste in production process, short cycle, high efficiency, low pressure loss, low product defects. In electronic cigarette, PC, ABS, PP material parts are used more.
Disadvantages: hot runner technology requirements are higher, mold cost is higher than cold runner

Advantages and disadvantages of semi-hot runner 

Can effectively reduce waste. Structure is simpler than hot runner structure. For high-temperature materials, such as PEEK, PEI, LCP, nylon, etc.

Mold design points

● Mold layout is reasonable, considering ruuner balance and cooling balance.
● Try to make a separate cavity design.
● Consider rationality of selection of mold base or inner mold steel to ensure life.
● Design hot runner and semi-hot runner as much as possible.
● Mold design should be able to achieve fully automatic production and unmanned operation.
● Cooling design is sufficient to achieve the fastest molding cycle.
e-cigarette molding
● Hot runner design points.
● Balance of runner design.
● Ensure temperature balance through software analysis.
● Rationality of material selection, such as choice of special materials with good thermal conductivity and high temperature (right).
● Special structure at the corner of runner to prevent dead angle and shear heat generation.
● Accurately calculate amount of raw material in hot runner system, and obtain a reasonable flow path size for various analyses to prevent material decomposition. (right illustration).
e-cigarette molding 

Processing points guarantee

● Intelligent, paperless ERP management system.
● Reasonable parts processing guidelines.
● Constant temperature workshop.
● Electron beam saves high gloss.
● US imported runner polishing machine ensures runner finish.
● Imported infrared light to capture actual temperature to check.
● Use of imported testing equipment, requires strict operation according to inspection standards.
● Core and product CT scanner are tested.

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