Encyclopedia of safety production regulations in injection molding workshop

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1. General rules for safe production in injection molding workshops:

1. When equipment is in normal operation, it is strictly forbidden to touch any part of equipment except for safety door and control panel in front of injection molding machine.
2. Processing of any abnormal production can only be carried out after equipment stops running.
3. Each equipment must establish a special person responsible system (designated person and fixed mechanism). Without equipment safety training and obtained operation qualifications, equipment shall not be operated; fault maintenance shall be carried out by designated personnel in workshop, and non-designated personnel shall not carry out maintenance operations.
4. Operate correctly according to operating procedures, carefully maintain equipment, keep working environment clean and tidy, and do a good job in civilized production.
5. Strictly implement process discipline and operation discipline, make various records, and hand over safety situation when shift is handed over.
6. All kinds of equipment safety protection devices must be complete. If there is any damage, it must be repaired in time, and can only be used after repair.
7. Correctly analyze, judge and deal with signs of various accidents, and eliminate accident in bud. If an accident occurs, handle it decisively and correctly, report it to superior in a timely and truthful manner, protect scene, and make detailed records.
8. You must dress according to regulations, long hair must be tied up, no hair is allowed, no vest, shorts or skirts, and no slippers are allowed.
9. Before using power tools, check whether wires, plugs, and plastic casings are damaged.
10. When replacing gas connector, turn off gas source to prevent connector from flying out and hurting people.
11. Keep passage unobstructed, and it is strictly forbidden to work or stack workpieces for a long time in passage.
12. Power must be turned off after equipment is used, except when PC material of injection molding machine is kept warm.

2. Instructions for safe production of injection molding machines:

1. During semi-automatic normal production of injection molding machine, only following actions can be performed:
a. Open front security door
b. Remove product and feeder rods
c. Close front security door
If additional action is required, it must be confirmed by technician that it is necessary for normal production before operation.
2. Any action other than this must be done manually after shutting down oil pump; if it involves electrical, power must also be turned off. Before cleaning mold or adjusting any mechanical parts, power must be cut off;
3. When equipment automatically alarms, operator must immediately withdraw from equipment and switch to "manual" state.
4. In the event of an emergency (personal accident, sudden abnormal noise from equipment and molds), immediately press emergency stop button and call for help loudly.
5. When machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to put any part of body into closed safety door; open safety door before putting your hand into mold; during inspection and repair, if upper body enters middle of the two mold plates, oil pump should be turned off; no matter what occasion, the whole body should be turned off. When entering the two modules, power should be cut off first.
6. When machine is running, rear safety door must be closed, front safety door must be used to control opening and locking of mold.
7. When machine is running, before anyone other than operator of injection molding machine touches injection molding machine, operator of injection molding machine must be notified to switch to manual state and turn off oil pump. Especially when multiple people work together, before any abnormal action occurs on either side, cooperating personnel must be notified and operation can be performed after confirmation.
safety production regulations in injection molding workshop 
a. Operator of injection molding machine is person who operates injection molding machine for production and debugging.
b. Unusual Actions: Actions other than those listed in the first clause.
8. Check whether oil pump and power supply can be cut off by opening safety door in manual or semi-automatic state respectively.
9. Check whether emergency stop button is effective, whether oil pump and power supply can be cut off when pressed.
10. Ensure that there is no oil or water around equipment and equipment to ensure safe walking.
11. Report abnormal situation of injection molding machine (oil leakage, damaged wires, damaged electrical plugs, etc.) to squad leader or technician in time.
12. Protective measures must be taken when removing nozzle to avoid high temperature raw materials and gas splashing, scalding.
13. Do not operate this machine when clearing obstacles or moving hoppers.
14. When injecting into air, close front and rear safety doors, and no one is allowed to stand on both sides of barrel, so as not to regret injection damage of rubber material for life.
15. After machine has been out of use for a long time and then turned on, it must be checked that safety devices (such as mechanical locks, safety door travel switches and hydraulic locks, etc.) are normal before running equipment.
16. During maintenance operations, cut off main power supply, hang up "no power supply" sign, and confirm that machine is connected according to regulations before running.
17. When shooting platform moves forward, do not use your hands to remove melted glue leaking from nozzle, so as not to hurt your hands.
18. There must be a magnetic frame in hopper to prevent injection equipment from being damaged by mixing foreign metal objects.
19. During inspection and repair, if upper body enters middle of two mold plates, oil pump should be turned off.
20. No matter what occasion, when the whole body enters the two mold plates, power should be cut off first.
21. Any modification of safety equipment is not allowed, and production of equipment shall not be started when safety device is damaged.
22. Thick cotton gloves must be used for production of high temperature products (mold temperature is higher than 120 degrees).

3. Instructions for safe production of mold and oil temperature machine:

1. Power supply must use specified voltage (220V/380V/415V/50/60Hz).
2. Do not use heat transfer oil with unknown state.
3. Power cord must use specified specifications to prevent overheating, voltage drop, accidents or failures.
4. Be sure to connect ground terminal of machine to ground wire.
5. All hoses and other devices used for connecting devices must be heat-resistant to 120℃ and pressure-resistant to 1000kpa (10kgf/cm 2 ).
6. Install hose according to hose manufacturer's instructions. Particular attention must be paid to absolute observance of minimum bending radii. For connection of attached hoses, please refer to attached hose piping guide.
7. Since machine (including externally connected valves and piping) will generate high temperature during operation, please do not touch it directly with your hands. In addition, after operation, there is still a high temperature due to residual heat. Do not touch unit and piping until temperature has dropped below 40℃.
8. Do not touch control box with wet hands, otherwise it may cause an electric shock accident.
9. Please wear protective equipment during maintenance work.
10. If any abnormality occurs, please do not use this device until parts are replaced.
11. Please replace heat transfer oil regularly. Be sure to replace heat transfer oil when it is found to be black silk.
12. If you find that drainage is not smooth or cooling effect is poor during use, please clean solenoid valve immediately or check whether cold water inlet and outlet are blocked.
safety production regulations in injection molding workshop 

4. Instructions for safe production of manipulators:

1. Manipulator is firmly installed on injection molding machine.
2. Operator is not allowed to enter working range of robotic arm.
3. Please turn off power before maintenance.

5. Oven safety production instructions:

1. Do not place flammable objects within 1 meter around host.
2. Setting temperature must refer to drying temperature of raw materials, and set it according to actual experience.
3. Oven is high temperature, and protective equipment must be worn to prevent burns.
4. Raw materials scattered in oven must be removed in time.
5. When cleaning and repairing oven, power must be turned off.
6. Check whether oven is running normally every 2 hours and record temperature.

6. Instructions for safe production of pulverizers:

1. Make sure that hopper and grid are closed before starting machine, and safety screws must be tightened.
2. Rotating blades are extremely sharp and can cause injury, especially when turning.
3. When hopper grid is switched on and off, accidents are prone to occur.
4. There is a danger of high voltage at electrical box.
5. Machine is driven by a transmission belt. Do not let transmission belt touch your clothes or body.
6. When machine is being maintained, main switch and control switch must be turned off and wait for blade to stand still.
7. Do not remove protective device.
8. If there are uncrushed materials in crushing chamber of hopper, machine cannot be shut down, because when machine is restarted, excess material will cause motor to overload.

7. Driving safety production instructions:

1. Electric single-girder cranes (commonly known as cranes) must be operated by special personnel, operators must be trained and qualified before they can operate.
2. A test run should be carried out before driving. Test run is to check whether operating mechanisms, control systems and safety devices are sensitive, accurate, safe and reliable; check whether hooks and slings are firm and appearance is not damaged.
3. When electric single beam crane lifts workpiece, weight of workpiece should be within allowable range of hook, sling and electric single beam crane.
4. Workpiece shall not be slanted along direction of main beam.
5. It is not allowed to work in medium with fire hazard and explosion hazard, to lift molten metal and toxic, flammable and explosive materials.
6. In process of hoisting workpiece, it is advisable for workpiece to be slightly off ground.
7. When electric single-girder crane is hoisting workpiece, it is strictly forbidden to stand under workpiece.
8. It is strictly forbidden for operator to leave operation site after workpiece is lifted, and driving is uncontrolled.
9. After work is completed, electric single-girder crane should stop at specified position, raise hook, and cut off power supply.

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