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China has become a key driver of how to solve problem of plastic waste on a global scale. In 2017, China decided to ban import of 24 types of solid waste, including certain types of plastics, paper and textiles, on the grounds of environmental and health issues. Decision has caused repercussions worldwide.
In order to grasp development of Chinese market in recycling economy, “Abbott Rubber & Plastics Network” conducted an industry survey earlier, learned about industry concerns and opinions. Results show that 86.58% of respondents' companies are now using recycling equipment.
As an industry event rooted in Chinese market and looking at Asia and world, topic and technology of “Circular Economy” has become an important melody of CHINAPLAS 2019.
  • Chemicals and raw materials

NatureWorks: A variety of new products reflect value of biomaterials

As part of its commitment to recycling bioeconomy and away from petrochemical feedstocks, NatureWorks announced that it will achieve 100% of all agricultural raw materials used by Ingeo biopolymers through International Sustainable Development and Carbon Certification System in 2020, in line with ISCC PLUS Agricultural Production Best Practice Standards.
ChinaPlas 2019 
At CHINAPLAS 2019, NatureWorks (Booth: 13.2L41) will present new Ingeo 3D printing resin grade 3D450. This is a new sub-boiler formulation for dual-nozzle 3D printers. Printing with Ingeo 3D 450 material for fast, clean and fast separation, high quality and complete surface finish. Ingeo 3D450 is compatible with Ingeo3D series 3D 850 and 3D870, core products used in the professional printer market. Like other Ingeo 3D resin grades, printing speeds of up to 100 mm/sec, 3D450 printability and cooling are good and are not prone to warpage.
NatureWorks will also showcase tea bags and coffee capsules made with a new generation of Ingeo materials. This package made of Ingeo not only helps to improve taste of drink, but also has compost degradability, so that coffee residue after drinking and organic matter in the tea can be recycled.
In addition, NatureWorks will showcase the first refrigerator liner, showing how to use Ingeo's barrier properties to increase energy efficiency by 7-15% per year during life of refrigerator.
In response to needs of Chinese e-commerce market, NatureWorks will also demonstrate use of Ingeo's tape and protective fillers for e-commerce packaging and courier bags, as well as supermarket shopping bags. These applications highlight how NatureWorks partners can leverage Ingeo's versatility to develop innovative applications that contribute to a low carbon economy.

SABIC launches certified cyclic polymer

As one of leading providers of solutions in global petrochemical industry, sponsor SABIC actively cooperates with manufacturers, brands and other stakeholders in entire industry chain to develop various foaming and weight loss materials. Solution is suitable for inner and outer packaging, which saves materials, recycles materials and recycles them.
This year, SABIC and its customers Unilever, Vinventions and Walki Group announced launch of SABIC-certified recycled polymers. SABIC will produce finished recycled polymer at its production site in Netherlands. Launched in the market in 2019 and then supplied to three main customers of Unilever, Vinventions and Walki Group for development of groundbreaking, high quality, safe consumer packaging for food, beverage, personal and home care products.
Certified recycled polymers will be produced using a raw material called TACOIL. This material is a patented product of PLASTIC ENERGY in UK and is produced by recycling low quality mixed plastic waste. In support, SABIC and PLASTIC ENERGY recently announced establishment of the first commercial plant in Netherlands to produce and process raw materials for commercial production.
SABIC said that introduction of Certified Circulating Polymers in 2019 will serve as a disruptive innovation, creating a new value chain that will facilitate upstream supplier SABIC and major downstream customers to recycle and reuse recycled plastic waste for packaging applications. .

Blonde technology recycling brand "RecoOne"

Blonde Technology Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: 8.1BA01 & 11.2J21) has 45 subsidiaries, R&D and production bases in United States, Germany, India and Southeast Asia. Among them, Blonde Technology Environmental High Performance Recycled Plastics business module has its sub-brand RecoOne.
ChinaPlas 2019 
So far, Blonde Technology has produced more than 1 million tons of environmentally-friendly high-performance recycled plastics, and has established long-term good cooperative relations with well-known brands at home and abroad. Various materials products have been integrated into all aspects of consumer life.
In addition, Blonde Technology has been developing and industrializing biodegradable plastics since 2004.

Sander Shunbao: Attacking Japanese market

Sander Recycling Co., Ltd, Japan’s AsiaInfo Co., Ltd, Longshun Plastics Co., Ltd. established a joint venture company, Sang Shun Bao Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: 8.1BA03) in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, and planned to build or acquire 8-10 plastics recycling enterprises in major industrial cities in Japan within one and a half years, with an annual production capacity of recycled plastic pellets exceeds 300,000 tons. It is expected to account for more than 50% of Japan's market share of recycled plastic pellets to China, and make Sander Shunbao Co., Ltd. a leading company in Japan's renewable resources industry. , and finally achieve its listing target.
PP white raw materials are mainly derived from diaper non-woven fabric trim. Applications: electrical enclosures, audio enclosures, shredder buckets, trash cans, fan casings, PP modification, etc.

Chongqing Gengye: one of the largest recycled plastic bases

Chongqing Gengye New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: 8.1BB03) is mainly engaged in processing, modification, research and development, production and sales of waste plastics. They invested 500 million yuan in construction of recycled plastic processing project in Fuling District of Chongqing. It has 48 granulation production lines and 10 broken cleaning lines with an annual output of 250,000 tons. It is one of the largest recycled plastic processing bases in China.
Gengye technology products cover several major environmentally-friendly modified products such as PP, PE, ABS, PS, PC/ABS alloy and silicone masterbatch, including flame retardant grade, enhanced toughening, plastic alloy and environmentally friendly and durable series. Widely used in household appliances, automobiles, municipal pipelines, cables, new energy vehicles, electronic instruments and other fields. Among them, spray-free plastic has advantages of bright color, metallic texture, dimensional stability, direct injection molding, heat resistance and environmental protection.

Luhai Environmental Protection: Urban Solid Waste Recycling

Xiamen Luhai Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: 8.1BB01) is positioned in “Urban Recyclable Solid Waste Comprehensive Operation Service”, forming a recycling industry chain of “solid waste recycling → classified processing → high value utilization → recycled products”. Its Ganzhou production base is designed to handle 150,000 tons of recoverable solid waste annually. It is “National Renewable Resources Recycling Base” evaluated by National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.
Luhai Environmental Protection mainly recycles industrial waste, domestic waste, milk cartons, construction timber and other waste materials, provides environmentally friendly materials such as recycled pulp, recycled plastics and biomass fuel pellets (RDF) to downstream manufacturers.
  • Mechanical

Taurang sorting: remove bottle flakes below 4mm

Taurang Sorting Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: 3.2A41) has more than 110 years of combined sorting and industry experience, and more than 10,500 systems have been installed in more than 80 countries around the world.
To improve sorting purity of PET flakes, it is most effective to reduce impurities contained in flakes below 4 mm, but conventional sorting techniques are difficult to achieve. Taurang's INNOSORT FLAKE is effective in removing impurities from bottles below 4mm (common sorting techniques are difficult to do), which significantly increases purity of recycled PET flakes. New INNOSORT FLAKE bottle sorting device inherits key detection technology of popular AUTOSORT FLAKE device in international market, and its function is more suitable for waste plastic sorting. This device uses Taurang's proven near-infrared (NIR) detection technology and FLYING BEAM® to remove various impurities in PET flakes based on color and material, including impurities of same color but different materials, such as PVC, PP, PE, PA, POM, etc. It can significantly improve sorting efficiency and productivity while ensuring purity of final product.

Baoluite: PET powder cleaning system

PET powder cleaning system developed by Baoluite (Booth: 3.2B41) is an advanced and environmentally friendly processing equipment for PET mixed debris. Equipment is developed for PET bottle cleaning plants, and is especially suitable for large and medium-sized PET chip cleaning devices or PET chip powder centralized recycling manufacturers. Compared with traditional process, it occupies a small area and has low production cost. It is separated by physical methods and does not cause secondary pollution to environment. Aim is to increase recovery rate of recycled PET products, increase added value of products.
In recent years, Baolv specializes in large-scale polyester bottle cleaning line with a capacity of more than 6 tons. The whole line can be highly automated and intelligent. It is currently the only supplier in Asia that can provide PET bottle cleaning lines for B2B food grade projects certified by US FDA. Up to now, more than 140 production lines have been exported to more than 25 countries.

Buhler: Optical color selection improves PET purity

ChinaPlas 2019 
For over 70 years, Buhler (Booth No.: 3.2T11), a leading supplier of leading optical color selection solutions for global food and non-food industry, has been at the forefront of optical color selection technology innovation. Through extensive investment in research and development, Buhler has developed advanced technologies that allow processors to recycle more pure plastics and reduce amount of recyclable materials that are landfilled at waste station each year. Effectively rejects polymer defects of same color and delivers the cleanest, highest purity PET film to customers with unparalleled quality and yield.
Buhler's new SORTEX E PolyVisionTM color sorter, designed for PET processors to remove polymer defects, is a new addition to PET film selection portfolio. Through groundbreaking SORTEX PolyVisionTM recognition technology, patented light source system and high precision solenoid valve, polymer defects of same color such as PVC, PP and PE can be effectively eliminated, while reducing other polymers such as PS, PA (nylon), POM sheet and silicone to achieve the cleanest and most pure PET film for customers.

Separate sorting: more compact and more precise

Sesotec (Booth No.: 3.2T21) was established in Germany in 1976. It is the world's leading research and development system for inspection systems, separation systems and sorting systems. Its product covers a wide range of industrial production areas, of which automatic sorting system is used in waste recycling industry.
Compared to traditional belt sorting systems, VARISORT COMPACT has advantage of a compact design that reduces floor space and is more flexible to meet plant migration needs. At the same time, technology-leading material sensor, spectral detection accuracy is much higher than peers. VARISORT COMPACT sorting systems are used in a wide range of recycling industries, including plastics processing, metal, and electronic waste.

Gneuss: 50 times more devolatilization performance

Gneuss launched Gneuss Processing Unit recycling machine during CHINAPLAS 2019, with a devolatilization performance approximately 50 times greater than that of a conventional single screw extruder
Gneuss Processing Unit (GPU) has been on the market for several years and has proven to be useful for reprocessing of large quantities of PET waste, such as waste bottle flakes and industrial waste from fiber and film manufacturing without need for pre-drying. A Gneuss Processing Unit consists of a Gneuss MRS extruder with excellent devolatilization and decontamination, combined with an efficient Gneuss rotary filtration system and an online intelligent dynamic viscometer VIS. Since the first “No Objection Letter” issued by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2009, Gneuss recycling process based on MRS extruder has been widely recognized for processing 100% post-consumer and industrial polymer waste into food contact grade products.
Although MRS was originally developed specifically for PET processing, it is now also used in polyolefin and nylon applications, also it is testing other materials and applications. Thanks to patented combination of a single-screw extruder and multi-screw parts, extruder is very strong and particularly suitable for recycling applications.

POLYSTAR: 3-in-1 plastic recycling machine

POLYSTAR (Booth No.: 7.1D21 & 10.1J17) exhibited high-performance Repro-Flex three-in-one plastic recycling machine designed specifically for recycled printed/non-printed PE (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE) and PP packaging plastics. It integrates crushing, extruding and pelletizing units into one, which can effectively solve requirement of pre-crushing and large-area storage space of some plastics. It not only saves energy in operation, but also produces high-quality particles.
In addition to clean waste produced by factory, Repro-Flex can also handle flake waste after washing or even pulverization.
Repro-Flex is especially suitable for blow bag factories, Bag factory, plastic injection and printing factory who can produce food packaging film, all kinds of plastic bags, shrink film, packaging film, agricultural film, PE foam materials, disposable tableware, PP spinning, woven bags, space bags. Repro-Flex not only handles PE and PP plastics, but PE, PS, EVA and even PU-based plastics can be recycled through Repro-Flex.
Through stable feeding combined with hot die cutting system, shape and size of recycled particles are more even, which also makes particles have higher value. It is also better for blow bag factory to add particles back to the production line for recycling and reuse.
chinaplas 2019 
Gud Mould Industry Limited, a growing company in the field of plastic injection molding and die casting mould, dont have it’s booth this year. We believe finally we will stand there on behalf of our technology!

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