New injection molding machine debugging steps and precautions

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New injection molding machine debugging steps 

One, lifting and disassembling of machine

Small machine is integral and does not need to be disassembled. When lifting, mold adjustment should be adjusted to minimum mold thickness.
Disassembly and assembly of large machine will be completed by large crew of injection molding machine manufacturer.
If machine moves again in workshop and there is no hoist, it is necessary to put a log on the bottom of machine.
Since machine is heavier, it should be directed by a lifting worker with lifting experience. Pay attention to following items:
(1) Use a sufficiently powerful hoist and transporter to lift machine (including cranes, hoisting equipment, hooks, wire ropes, etc.).
(2) If any hanging wire rope is in contact with machine, a cloth layer or wood block should be placed between wire rope and machine to avoid damage to parts of machine, such as tie rod of injection molding machine.
(3) Pay attention to stability and level state of machine when lifting.
(4) Wooden blocks or cushions can be removed only after machine is unloaded and transported.

Two, anti-rust

All mechanical parts exposed to the air, such as piston rods, tie rods and processing surfaces of mold plate parts, have been coated with rust inhibitors before they leave factory. Mixture of lubricating oil and clean hydraulic oil on bearing surface can produce a rust-proof film.
Parts that are not in contact with machine are coated with anti-rust agent to provide machine with protection against corrosion and harsh environments. Unless really necessary, wipe off rust inhibitor during operation, but do not use solvents to wipe off rust inhibitor.

Three, installation environment

When installing machine, be sure to confirm various environmental conditions. If conditions are not met, it may cause malfunctions, damage machine and reduce service life of machine.
Temperature: 0~40℃ (ambient temperature during operation);
Humidity: Below 75% (relative humidity), no condensation.
Altitude: Below 1000 meters above sea level.
When humidity is too high, insulation condition will be poor and parts will age prematurely. Do not install machine in a humid environment. Also, do not install in dusty places or places with high concentration of organic gas or corrosive gas. Keep away from machines that may cause electrical interference or have magnetic fields, such as welding machines.

Four, foundation

Ground load analysis should be carried out by civil engineering experts. If machine is installed on a reinforced concrete floor, foundation preparation before installation is generally not required. If machine is installed on an ordinary workshop floor, corresponding foundation must be prepared. Note that foundation plan must be laid for installation of large machine.

Five, adjustment

1. Parallelism between mold plates

Normally, parallelism of fixed mold plate and reference plane of mobile mold plate is up to standard, but due to improper transportation and installation, changes may occur, and it must be re-inspected after installation. If value exceeds specified value.
Tolerance values of parallelism of mounting surface of fixed mold plate and movable mold plate are listed in Table 9-2.
Table 9-2 Parallelism tolerance value
Effective distance between tie rods When clamping force is zero When clamping force is maximum
≥200~250 0.20 0.10
>250~400 0.24 0.12
>400~630 0.32 0.16
>630~1000 0.40 0.20
>1000~1600 0.48 0.24
>1600~2500 0.64 0.32

2. Coaxiality

Adjustment of coaxiality of nozzle and positioning hole of mold, adjustment of coaxiality of screw and barrel are very important. Adjustment requirements are listed in Table 9-3.
Table 9-3
Diameter of mold positioning hole Ф80~100 Ф125~250 Ф315 or more
Coaxiality between nozzle and mold positioning hole ≤0.25 ≤0.30 ≤0.40
Adjustment method:
(1) This item should be carried out after horizontal and vertical horizontal adjustments of mold plate and fuselage.
(2) Loosen fastening screws connecting front and rear brackets of injection seat guide rod with the body; loosen lock nuts on horizontal adjustment bolts on both sides of front bracket of guide rod.
(3) Use a vernier caliper with an accuracy of 0.05mm or more to measure 4 points in circumferential direction, h1, h2, h3, h4, use horizontal adjustment bolt to make h1=h3, up and down adjustment screws of guide rod bracket to make h2=h4, as shown in Figure 9-4. Adjustment error is controlled according to tolerance given in above table. Use a feeler gauge to measure gap between inner hole of barrel and screw so that δ1=δ3, δ2=δ4, as shown in Figure 9-5. Use a level to check level of guide rod of shooting platform, as shown in Figure 9-6. After adjustment, tighten fastening screws on front and rear guide rod brackets, lock nuts on both sides of front bracket.

3. Machine level

Since moving mold plate of machine itself is heavier and has a large moving inertia, in order to maintain stability of machine when it moves, level of rails of fuselage must be carefully adjusted.

Six, cooling water

Water pressure of cooling water system is 0.2~0.6Mpa.
Cooling water system has three circuits, namely
1. Hydraulic cooling circuit, 2. Screw barrel cooling circuit, 3. Mold cooling circuit. Note: 1. Inlet of hydraulic cooling water and mold cooling water should be separated (two inlets are required). 2. Clean cooler regularly.

Seven, hydraulic oil

Please use designated brand oil.

Eight, power supply

Connect power cable to power inlet in electrical box. It is a three-phase five-wire with a voltage of 380V and a frequency of 50Hz.
Machine must be grounded.
After power is turned on, direction of operation of oil pump motor must be checked, hydraulic oil must be completely filled! Before starting oil pump, make sure that oil tank is full. Specific operation attention:
1. Turn on power switch.
2. Use oil pump motor switch on operation panel to jog oil pump motor and immediately turn it off.
3. Check whether running direction is same as direction indicated by arrow on motor cover.
4. Power supply should be sufficiently larger than total power of machine, wiring should be thick enough.
If direction is wrong, turn off power switch on machine and power supply line. Swap power supply incoming lines L1 and L2. Wrong direction of oil pump motor will damage hydraulic oil pump. Oil pump motor can be turned off by oil pump motor switch button on operation panel.

Nine, start-up adjustment parameters

Ten, trial molds and produce products.

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