Two-color bottle cap-cubic mold-unparalleled technical advantages

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Cubic mold has an absolute advantage: in the case of same mold installation area, double number of cavities, and output is doubled. In addition, all four rotating three-dimensional sides can be used to simultaneously perform production steps, such as mold filling, cooling, or picking, thereby shortening production cycle by more than 30% compared with traditional parallel two-color molds.
Crucial to efficient production is continuous thinking and further development of production process. In order to identify, measure all possible alternatives and their potential, more and more cross-professional knowledge is required. An intuitive example is application of rotating mode (cubic mode). A detailed comparison of traditional mold technology can get amazing results.
Two-color bottle cap-cubic mold 
Advantages of cube mold are very obvious: four rotating surfaces that can be used for production and two parting surfaces placed one behind the other. As a result, individual production steps such as mold filling, cooling or picking can be performed at the same time, cycle time is reduced to 30%. Further process steps such as embedded assembly or quality assurance can be integrated without extending cycle time. There are twice as many cavities on same mold mounting surface.

Rotating mold (cubic mold) technology can increase productivity

Specified number of pieces can then be completed with fewer or smaller machines. Therefore, installation area and energy cooling costs can be saved. For same machine, problems with significantly increased purchase cost compared with advantages of rotary mode (cubic mode) are: when to consider adopting this technology?
Take a two-component water bottle cap as an example to compare traditional rotary technology and rotary mold (cubic mold) technology in multi-component injection molding (chart). Starting point of production cost calculation is following framework data and definitions:
Required annual sales
Possible system combinations: molds from 8 cavities to 32 cavities, clamping force of ALLROUNDER is from 2500kN to 5000kN
Cycle time determined by process: traditional rotating technology requires 13 seconds, rotating mold (cubic mold) technology requires 9.5 seconds, because cooling and ejection can be performed at the same time during injection molding process.
Two-color bottle cap-cubic mold 
Comparative chart processing can clearly show when and what kind of investment decision is recommended: When a traditional rotary die machine cannot meet output, you can start to consider using a rotary die (cubic die). Here is an example of bottle caps with an annual sales volume of approximately 45 million. When output continues to rise, it may cause a sharp increase in production costs, because this in turn will be related to number of machines required.

Rotary mold (cubic mold) technology is ideal for mass production

Play an important role in utilization. The higher utilization of this system combination, the more economical this technology may be compared to other technologies. In mass production, use of rotating molds (cubic molds) can achieve purpose of significantly reducing production costs. This will result in a situation where fewer machines are needed and/or cycle times can be significantly reduced. As a rough guide, it can be said that for parts with a cycle time greater than 10 seconds and corresponding sales requirements, this is worth considering and does not limit industry.
Let us have a glimpse of appearance of cubic mold special injection molding machine through production of two-color flip-top detergent bottle cap exhibited at K exhibition.
Mould cavity: 32+32
Part weight: 0.8+2.4g
Material: PP+PP
Cycle time: 8.5 seconds
Two-color bottle cap-cubic mold 
ALLROUNDER CUBE is a special injection molding machine for cube molds. Servo electric drive crank arm mold clamping system realizes fast cycle with low energy consumption-this is an ideal basis for efficient mass production at low unit cost. ALLROUNDER CUBE special injection molding machine for cubic molds has a clamping force of 2900 to 4600kN and accurately meets certain process requirements to achieve the best fit.
This solution designed for mass production includes:
——ALLROUNDER CUBE 2900 cubic mold special injection molding machine
——32 cavity super high performance rotary mould
——Integrated demoulding system with lid closure
——Integrated optical inspection system

ALLROUNDER CUBE reduces cycle time by 10% compared with hydraulic rotary mold machines

Two-color bottle cap-cubic mold 

Fully electric clamping, plasticizing, cubic mold rotation station
Shorten dry cycle time
Shorten mold opening and closing time

ALLROUNDER CUBE saves 25% energy compared with hydraulic rotary mould machines

Two-color bottle cap-cubic mold 
Innovative cube molds from Foboha:
Cubic mold 
Simultaneous injection, cooling and demolding
Electric cubic mode rotation-fast and precise
Independent hydraulic motion axis-flexible mold parting design
4 sets of hydraulic core pulling-4 side ejection


Cubic mold 
Electric clamping-fast and accurate
Large mold installation space
A second injection unit is set above clamping unit
In-cycle electric plasticization
Hydraulic injection-fast, precise screw positioning

Precise process control

Cubic mold 
Integration of mold functions into the SELOGICA system
Flexible process control brings cycle time optimization
Integrated hot runner via OPC-UA
This set of solutions dedicated to mass production quality assurance also integrates
Cubic mold 
Automatic demoulding with closed lid
5 high-precision cameras ensure 100% control
Fully ensure the quality of the final product.

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