Analysis of common faults in electrical part of Haitian injection molding machine

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Haitian injection molding machine 

1. Simply observe where computer is malfunctioning, and which issues need to be understood:

1). Panel part:

a) First observe whether there is a display on the screen, and press setting button to see whether it is valid.
b) Observe whether manual light is on, start motor, and whether manual part of action can be done.

2). Host part

a) Whether two switching power supply indicators are on (whether 24V has output).
b) Whether power indicator of each computer board is on.
c) Whether red and green indicator lights on the motherboard are flashing (Hongxun Computer).

2. Why must machine be grounded:

1) In terms of safety, grounding can prevent electric shock accidents.
2) Power supply of computer part is a switching power supply, which is easy to generate static electricity. Grounding can prevent discharge of static electricity to human body and at the same time prevent discharge of static electricity to electronic components of computer, which protects computer.

3. Under what circumstances does computer system of Hongxun need to be reset (Fuji Computer needs to retransmit program):

1) Under man-made or external interference, parameters are messy.
2) Arbitrarily set parameters to make machine unable to move, and reset basic parameters.
3) When computer is disturbed, data is disordered, or some actions cannot be completed.
4) After computer is reset, electronic ruler needs to be reset to zero, and special parameters resume work.

4. What are requirements for use of computer operation panel:

1) Panel needs to be grounded.
2) Buzzer must not be installed around panel.
3) Panel installation position should avoid impact of closing safety door.
4) It is strictly prohibited to use volatile fluid to scrub film, preferably kerosene or wax.

5. What are requirements for use of LCD:

1) Liquid crystal is a glass body structure, which is fragile, so external impact must be avoided.
2) Operating temperature of liquid crystal should be in the range of 0-45 degrees, high temperature will affect use.
3) Brightness of liquid crystal changes with temperature, and it needs to be adjusted appropriately.

6. Simple maintenance of common faults in the computer panel of Hongxun:

1) LCD screen is on, but there are no words, and machine operates normally (red and green lights are flashing normally).
Solution: Fuse on MMIX86 board is broken, replace fuse. Pressure plate is broken.
2) There are characters on LCD screen, but it is dark, and machine operates normally.
Solution: LCD tube is broken or tube connection is loose, and high-voltage board is broken. Replace lamp tube or high-voltage board or LCD.
3) LCD screen displays vertical or horizontal bars, and machine operates normally.
Solution: Replace LCD.
4) LCD screen is not bright and there are no characters, and machine operates normally.
Solution: Flat wire is loose, MMI fuse is broken, and LCD is broken.
5) LCD does not light up and machine does not work, but red light on main unit flickers normally.
Solution: Replace MMIX86.
6) LCD display is normal, manual key or setting key is invalid, host computer's red and green lights flash normally.
Solution: Check flat connection between MMI board and button board.
7) LCD has a display, and setting keys are partially invalid.
Solution: Check data lock switch and flat cable connection or replace MMI board.
8) Data cannot be stored.
Solution: Battery voltage on MMI board should be above 3.5V. If it is not reached, battery or MMI board can be replaced.
9) Abnormal data changes
Solution: Reset data. If this phenomenon continues, replace MMIX86.
10) No LCD display, manual instructions etc. are normal.
Solution: Check whether +12V power coil of MMI board is broken.
11) LCD has no display, manual indicator does not light up, and host green light does not flash.
Solution: MMI board is not working, replace MMI board.

7. What are requirements for output of directional valve of Hongxun 6000 system?

Maximum current per point is 2A, and each point can only be connected to one valve. If you connect two, you need to connect RELAY in parallel. If load is short-circuited, switching power supply will automatically power off, so long as fault is eliminated, power is turned on again. Common contact of directional valve is H24V.

8. What model is proximity switch used in HITRON 6000 system?

NPN proximity switch is used. Common point forming switch is HCOM.

9. What type of temperature sensor is needed for Hongxun 6000 system.

K-type temperature sensing wire is required, and middle connection must be a shielded wire.
How to check if an action cannot be operated.
First determine whether data setting is correct, then determine whether there is a pressure and flow display, if there is no pressure and flow display, check position scale data of each action or form a switch.
Fault conditions of each manual action are as follows:
A. Unable to close mold: ejector pin is not returned, safety door is not closed, mold closing finally fails, mold closing parameters are wrong, neutron setting is wrong, oil temperature deviation, filter alarm, robot fails, and oil level deviation.
B. Unable to open mold: mold opening will fail (always ON), mold opening parameters are wrong, and electronic ruler data is incorrect.
C. Unable to support mold: mold support switch is invalid, position of electronic ruler is abnormal, and number of mold support is zero.
D. Unable to inject: temperature is not reached, seat will eventually fail, and position of electronic ruler is abnormal.
E. Unable to store material: temperature is not reached, storage material will eventually fail, and position of electronic ruler is abnormal.
F. Unable to adjust mold: mold adjustment electric eye is invalid, mold adjustment parameter setting is wrong, and mold cannot be adjusted automatically (the first slow position of mold opening must be greater than low pressure position of mold closing).
G. Each movement can be used in mode adjustment first, do a slow movement to see if it is normal, and then check it.

10. How to use inspection screen to check shape switch (PB part)?

When an input limit switch fails, you can use a wire to short-circuit PBX and HCOM directly at PB input. Check whether PBX is "1" on detection screen. If it is "1", computer part has no fault. If it is not "1", problem lies with computer itself.
Solution: You can use method of replacing input point to replace fault point to a spare input point, or replace I/O board.

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