In post-epidemic era, DMC 2020 uses advantages of industrial chain to achieve new responsibilities w

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DMC 2020 China International Mold Technology and Equipment Exhibition and 2020 Shanghai International Automobile Mold and Forming Process Equipment Exhibition have been held at National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao) from October 10-13, 2020. For more than 30 years, DMC has developed and grown along with progress of China's mold industry, has achieved an international status as an authoritative professional integrated platform for integrated precision machining, mold manufacturing and forming equipment recognized by global exhibition and industry circles. In post-epidemic era, DMC2020 will build stage of entire industry chain with harder work and greater passion, realize new responsibilities and move on to a new journey.
DMC 2020 
As a major international mold manufacturing base and a major mold consumer country, China has a complete mold industry chain, a continuous and stable supply capacity. In 2019, China's mold output value exceeded 290 billion yuan, China's mold consumption value reached 260 billion yuan, supporting China's 30 trillion product forming manufacturing, of which imported molds accounted for only 5% of China's mold consumption value; China's mold exports exceed 6.2 billion U.S. dollars, number of export countries and regions has reached 201. Through market complementation and mutual benefit, China's mold manufacturing has integrated into world! Driven by recovery of domestic and international dual-cycle market demand, Chinese mold companies have demonstrated optimized product capabilities, sophisticated equipment capabilities and industrial synergy capabilities, have significant advantages in accurately connecting downstream industries with comprehensive international competitiveness.
In 2020, China's mold industry will face industry transformation needs of traditional manufacturing to improve quality, efficiency and reduce costs, face application of new technologies and new models, face emerging industries, new changes in international market, face changes and challenges of Internet information age, but pursue high-quality and multi-function mold products, reduce consumption and costs, improving manufacturing efficiency and mold forming efficiency are always an eternal truth! In post-epidemic era, China Mould Association will continue to help companies improve their cost advantages, scale advantages, supply chain integrity advantages, and organizational advantages; through project implementation, they will promote solid chain actions and strengthen shortcomings of industry chain; stride forward in process of in-depth development of entire industrial chain of mold upstream and downstream to segmentation, precision, efficiency, diversification, and ecology. Theme of DMC2020 is "Strong Chain&Solid Chain&Coordinated Development". China International Mould Exhibition will undoubtedly play a role as a high-quality development booster for increasing exchanges, promoting integration, promoting technology and expanding markets. Through exhibition mold equipment technology power chain, precision promote mold industry to "replenish chain, extend chain, strengthen chain, and fix chain"; through integrated industrial chain of molds, equipment, materials and other exhibits, it shows stable upstream and downstream supply, guarantees supporting power of end of industrial chain; DMC2020's biennial "Precise Mould Award" technical project evaluation activity once again set off a wave of technology leadership in mold companies. Through evaluation of industry award "Precise Mould Award" project, technical level of each mold exhibit field has been recognized, overall improvement of efficiency and level of industrial chain has been promoted, industrial ecological advantage has been enhanced!
2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, epidemic has unceremoniously swept the world. In the face of international epidemic, China's mold manufacturing industry still shows the most dynamic characteristics. China Mould looks directly at new changes and new challenges, and works hard. In the first half of 2020, China’s mold exports were US$2.8 billion, a decrease of 3.35% year-on-year, which is generally controllable. China’s mold exports accounted for about a quarter of the world’s mold exports; China’s mold consumption accounted for about one-third of the world’s mold. China’s mold imports are US$844 million, a year-on-year decrease of 17.69%. This shows that China’s mold market share has increased significantly.
With full recovery of manufacturing industry, a large number of new demand for products will be released. In order to continue to support "post-epidemic" development of domestic manufacturing industry, DMC2020 takes advantage of same place display of upstream and downstream of industrial chain, strives to create two major sections of "precision processing" and "mold manufacturing", bringing together about 800 exhibitors on same stage, strive to create a large professional platform integrating brand display, efficient procurement, and technical exchanges for entire industry chain to escort industry and win business opportunities for enterprises!
Global attention of automobile molds has gathered a large number of key Chinese mold companies, including FAW, Tianqi, Dongfeng, Seccoli, Yinbaoshanxin, Ruihu, Kaihua, BYD, Xinglin, Xingda, Xiaoguang, Huda Sanjia, Fuzhen, Chengfei, Ninghai Yizhu, Aerospace Molding, Yokogawa, Push, Changan Automobile, Yuanchuang Automobile, etc., to fully display the highest level of Chinese automobile molds and automobile forming process equipment. Numerous new technologies, new materials, and new processes demonstrated the most advanced technological achievements and R&D ideas of China's mold at scene. At the same time, intelligent mold manufacturing is also emerging on spot, showing future development trend of mold manufacturing.

3C electronics and home appliance molds support smart consumer industry

Mold Technology and Equipment Exhibition 
In recent years, with rise of a new generation of AI and artificial intelligence, 3C and smart home appliances are developing in a diversified and personalized direction. Under fierce market competition, speed of upgrades is getting faster and faster, various shape designs have brought new opportunities to mold manufacturing industry.
From shell structure to integrated circuit board, various parts and components manufactured by molds account for more than 70% of 3C products, and they are widely used. At the same time, with rapid expansion of new generation of information industry: network products and electrical connector product manufacturing industries, molds support its innovation capabilities and structural optimization. Many home appliance mould companies such as Qingdao Haier, Sichuan Changhong, Cixi Xiangrong, Longhai Mould, Yuyao Yuantuo, Motech, Ninghai Dapeng, Huangyan Meiduo, etc. on DMC2020 demonstrated advanced forming technology of the latest home appliance moulds and cloud platform for mass customization of molds.
90% of home appliance parts of 1.4 trillion yuan home appliance industry are mould parts, and their appearance, shape and structure reflect complexity of mould. Change of home appliance products depends on level of research, development and manufacturing of home appliance mould. In Internet era, home appliance industry has entered era of product customization. Personalized manufacturing of a better life has given birth to application of new technologies such as in-mold transfer, which has promoted development of home appliance industry. Electronic consumer molds of industry leaders such as Polygon, Xiamen Jiexin, Hongming Shuangxin, etc. show new structure of molds, new mold manufacturing technologies, the latest forming technology and automated manufacturing solutions in the field of downstream part forming, and also bring us mold manufacturing essence of new consumer products under artificial intelligence.
DMC is the best platform for us to gather wisdom, radiate passion, and build an industrial chain. 2020 mold industry industry-university-research demonstration application summit kicked off in speech of Academician Li Dequn, polymer product molding and mold technology under extreme service environment, automotive panel mold surface design and stamping molding simulation system, polymer microfluidic chip injection molding and in-mold bonding integrated manufacturing new process project, low-cost thermal-assisted forming process research on high-strength aluminum alloy plates for automobiles, national "13th Five-Year" key research and development plan "high-performance tool steel and application" demonstration level FANUC full value chain in mold industry application and practice, etc. With "use"-oriented innovative elements, build new channels for integration of industry, university, research and application, communicate focus and direction of industry, university, research and application cooperation, expand application space of new technologies and new products, make full use of existing scientific and technological innovation resources, promote progress of mold manufacturing technology and forming process of mold enterprises, expand new areas of mold application and strengthen mold industry chain.
Day before opening of exhibition, "2020 China Mould Industry High-quality Development Conference" held by China Mould Association invited Secretary General of China Electronic Components Industry Association to give a keynote report on "Development and Prospects of China's Electronic Component Industry" to guide mold companies to use industry chain thinking and strategically plan for future; In order to expand market, China Mould Association held "2020 China International Auto Parts Docking Mold Industry Summit" during exhibition, invited Spanish Basque Automobile Association and Basque government, SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC GM, FAW Group, French Renault and other automotive giants to bring a comprehensive report on new lightweight technology requirements for automotive industry, automated forming molds, automotive mold demand guidelines, collaborative development of automotive models and molds to make decisions in automotive parts and mold industries, carry out in-depth dialogues between auto parts and mould industry decision makers, strengthen effective docking of international matching, promote international trade cooperation in auto parts and molds.
Forum revolved around the digitalization and automation capabilities of mold companies. Representatives from schools and companies in industry were invited to share outstanding cases of digital and automated manufacturing applications. China Mold Association also released "Digital Transformation and Upgrade and Digital Standard System of Mold Enterprises" at forum to help enterprises in their digital transformation and upgrading; Practice of mold automation standard system, information-based digital transformation experience sharing, mold automation transformation experience sharing are designed to help companies objectively evaluate their own level and capabilities in digitalization and automation, clarify their shortcomings in production and operation, guide companies to evaluate maturity model in accordance with standard, systematically and hierarchically to achieve goal of intelligent manufacturing, so as to optimize production process of enterprise, improve level of cost and profit, ability to guarantee delivery, ultimately promote healthy development of overall digitalization and automation applications of domestic mold manufacturing industry.

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