Try these methods to solve small fault of injection molding machine

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Maintenance work must understand operation method of equipment, have some basic knowledge of injection molding, and will use injection molding machine correctly. If you do not know how to operate injection molding machine, maintenance work is very difficult, and fault may be unreliable. Circuit board and electrical components in injection molding machine are affected by factors such as high temperature, environment, and time for a long time, working point of device is shifted, aging degree of components is within normal range. Therefore, debugging injection molding machine is also one of essential basic skills in maintenance work. Understanding working procedures of injection molding machine, debugging electronic circuit and hydraulic circuit of injection molding machine are very important links.
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Need to pay attention to injection molding machine maintenance

1. Non-professional maintenance personnel or without permission of professional maintenance personnel are not allowed to demolish and repair by themselves.
2. If there is a small fault in production process, commissioner can solve it according to situation.
Such as: Sticking mold for gate: Use a copper needle to knock out feed nozzle, and don't use hard objects such as steel needle to knock mold. Mold cavity has slight mold marks, polishing material can be selected according to smoothness of mold cavity. Polishing materials such as sandpaper cannot be used on textured surface. Generally, a copper brush dipped in diamond paste or diamond mortar is used for cleaning, and it is done by professional maintenance personnel. Product sticking mold: generally cover product and ejection part with hot plastic, and eject it after cooling. Be careful not to damage mold surface if it is burned.
3. When professional repairs mold, structure cannot be changed at will. Structure modification needs to be approved by quality engineering department before proceeding.
4. Ensure quality of repairs, select appropriate equipment, materials, tools and methods to solve problem, complete it as quickly as possible.
Injection molding machine is crystallization of integration of mechanical, electronic control and hydraulic pressure. Electrical complex is complicated. Hydraulic pipelines are crossed and controllers are varied. From 1980s to present, failure phenomenon is also strange and different, especially imported injection molding machine, which is expensive, each about tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
There are thousands of components in large injection molding machine. If one of components is faulty, it will cause abnormalities in injection molding machine. There will also be problems with wires connection. Large-scale injection molding machine is huge, and it is used under conditions of a non-constant temperature injection workshop. Import of environment can easily cause failure. For this reason, problem of "difficult maintenance" of imported injection molding machines is placed in front of us.

How to repair injection molding machine?

1. There is no action under pressure: first look at whether display light of mold opening valve of output board is on. If it is on or off, indicating that computer output is normal. There is a problem with line from computer to mold opening valve. The easiest way is to use a small electric pen to open mold valve and another person to open mold. If mold can be opened smoothly after open, it is to confirm circut problem, and then pull a line to solve it (circuit problem).
2. To read more about electronic circuit information of injection molding machine, to read more, to understand characteristics and functions of various injection molding machine electronic circuit systems and PC, PLC programmable controllers; to understand alarm and elimination methods of injection molding machine electronic circuit system ; To understand meaning of PC and PLC injection molding machine parameter setting; to understand programming language of PC and PLC; to understand method of injection molding machine action programming; to understand operation of control panel of injection molding machine and contents of each menu.
3. I think it is important to highlight key points and understand ins and outs. Key point is to understand basic composition and structure of injection molding machine controller and master block diagram. The rest can be "toured" and read through, but each part of content must be understood and mastered. Because internal circuit diagram of injection molding machine controller is quite complicated, it is not provided by manufacturer. It is important to understand role of each part, function of each board, direction of interface, meaning of LED lights, etc. At present, there are many models of injection molding machine controllers, and they are updated quickly. Different manufacturers and different models often vary greatly. We need to understand their commonality and personality.
4. Look at electrical diagram of injection molding machine and digest electrical diagram of injection molding machine. For each electrical component, such as: contactors, relays, time relays, as well as input and output of PC and PLC, they must be marked on electrical diagram. .
5. Look at hydraulic diagram and digest it deeply. For mechanical and hydraulic diagrams of injection molding machine, it is necessary to understand its function, ins and outs. And note it on drawings one by one, such as which solenoid valve is used for clamping? What are corresponding PC and PLC outputs and inputs? It is stated on the picture from electrical to mechanical action, at the same time, especially for parts with a close relationship between machine and electricity, we must focus on understanding. Now injection molding machine adopts electro-hydraulic proportional technology, we must focus on understanding its role and function, especially to understand adjustment method and adjustment data, proportional valve current and corresponding pump pressure in static and dynamic, understand electricity and machine, electromechanical integration, master a variety of skills, so ability to solve problem is great.
Ask more injection molding machine experts, if you have opportunity to train or injection molding machine experts come to your factory to install and debug injection molding machine, you better have opportunity to participate. This is the best learning opportunity, because you can get a lot of first-hand information and injection molding machine debugging methods and skills. Through this period of time, there will be great gains and access to many internal materials and manuals (which are confidential to users). After injection molding machine is put into formal production, it should often maintain close contact with relevant experts of injection molding machine.
6. After failure, understand whole process of injection molding machine failure, what alarm number has been generated, what component was operated at that time, what has been touched, what has been changed, and what is external environment? On the basis of fully investigating scene and mastering first-hand materials, failure problem is correctly listed, and half of problem has actually been solved, then analyzed and solved. For experienced injection molding machine operators, they are familiar with operation of machine, familiar with processing procedures, familiar with common diseases of injection molding machine. Working closely with them is very beneficial for quickly troubleshooting.
Practice more, dare to do it, be good at it. For maintenance staff of injection molding machine, be bold and careful, and dare to do it. Only talk, do not do it, injection molding machine cannot be repaired well. However, you should start by familiarizing yourself with situation, and do not blindly, otherwise it will expand failure, cause accidents, and have unbearable consequences.
7. Core of injection molding machine maintenance work is fault judgment and fault handling. It involves a wide range of knowledge, a large degree of complexity, and a certain depth (such as a comprehensive level of professional knowledge). Not only basic knowledge of mechanical equipment maintenance, but also basic knowledge of hydraulic maintenance, and basic knowledge of electrical maintenance. In fact, maintenance work of injection molding machine is difficult, but it is a process of continuous learning and progress. As long as you master basic working principle and basic working method of injection molding machine, regardless of various models, set of maintenance work procedures can be explored to ensure normal operation of injection molding machine.

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