What are types of special silicone?

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Special silica gel has more special functions than ordinary silica gel, such as: high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, antistatic, flame retardant and fireproof, foaming, conductive, liquid, oil resistant, oil self-lubricating, etc. Special silica gel is a product independently researched and developed to meet unique performance of special products. It is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, industry, aviation, security, mother and baby, etc. Excellent performance of special silica gel has met people's high requirements for devices or consumer products in production and life, played an irreplaceable special role.
Special silica gel is mainly divided into following types according to requirements of use:

1. Antistatic silica gel:

Surface resistance of anti static silicone can reach 5 to 9th power Ω of 10. It has excellent anti-static performance. It is widely used in manufacture of suction cups, rubber rollers, buttons, seals, mobile phone jackets, wrist bands, game handles, electronic device trays, keyboard protective film, protective cover for mining instrument housing, miscellaneous parts and other anti-static silicone products. Antistatic silica gel also has multi-functional models with flame retardant, high and low temperature resistance, high rebound, foaming, etc., to meet special needs of more customers.
Antistatic silica gel 

2. High temperature resistant silica gel:

High temperature resistant silica gel is mainly customized for products operating under high temperature conditions. It is mainly divided into two categories: high temperature resistance of 300 ℃ and 350 ℃. It can be used under high temperature conditions for a long time without deformation, anti-aging, and good resilience. It can manufacture suction cups, electronic device trays, miscellaneous parts, pipes, oven seals, high temperature resistant protective sleeves and other high temperature resistant silicone products.
High temperature resistant silica gel, 

3. High temperature resistant flame retardant silicone:

At the same time, it has properties of high temperature resistance of 250 ℃ and fire resistance to reach US UL-94V0 level. Options are available for products with stringent safety regulations.
High temperature resistant flame retardant silicone 

4. Fire-resistant foam silicone:

It is a fire-resistant foam silica gel. Foaming rate can reach 300%. After vulcanization, it becomes a soft elastic material with foaming volume is three times original size;. It can be used to produce flexible silicone rubber products such as mannequins, insoles, shoulder pads, patches, non-slip pads, etc. Manufacture of all kinds of wire and cable jackets, hoses, flame-retardant foamed silicone strips, all extrusion or calendering flame-resistant foam silicone products.
Fire-resistant foam silicone 

5. Low temperature resistant silica gel:

Low temperature resistant silica gel is designed for products that can keep working under extreme cold conditions. Its performance can maintain long-term operation when temperature reaches -70℃, it has high tear resistance, good resilience, not easy to yellow, and feel good. This product can be molded and extruded, can also be used to manufacture silicone products such as suction cups, electronic device trays, miscellaneous pieces, pipes, cold storage room sealing strips, ultra-low temperature protective sleeves and so on.
Low temperature resistant silica gel 

6. Conductive silica gel:

Conductive silica gel is widely used in many fields such as electronic appliances, mobile communication, medical care, air transportation and so on. Difference is that insulation properties of ordinary silica gel are modified to special silica gels with conductive or even super conductive functions. Surface resistivity of conductive silica gel can be customized from 0.5 to 2000Ω* cm. It is widely used in various types of zebra strips, conductive black particles, conductive pens for mobile phones and notebooks, manufacturing sensitive capacitive screen mobile phone pen tips, shielding materials, conductive straps, conductive silicone tablets, conductive silicone pads, etc.
Conductive silica gel 

7. Liquid silica gel:

Special liquid silicone rubber mainly has two types: flame retardant foam type and mold silicone. Mold silicone also has excellent characteristics of high temperature resistance of 350 ℃. It is mainly used to make food molds, such as candy molds, cake molds, metal crafts, precision molds, toys, alloy vehicles, large cement components, sandstone sculptures, gypsum products, molds, rubber sheets, rubber wheels, etc. or for special purposes.
Liquid silica gel 

8. Oil resistant silicone:

Oil resistant silicone is specially developed for plant-resistant olive oil, safflower oil, makeup remover oil, motor oil, grease, mineral oil, fuel oil, ASTM test oil, brake fluid and other oils. It is widely used in oil-resistant products such as sealing plugs, kitchen utensils, mobile phone keys, working gloves, oil-resistant jackets, and miscellaneous pieces. At the same time, it also has characteristics of heat resistance, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosive gas, and water resistance.
Oil resistant silicone 

9. Self-lubricating silicone oil:

Products made of oil-extracting silicone can continuously self-penetrate during use to achieve special properties of self-lubrication, which makes product have higher sealing performance and longer service life. At the same time, it has excellent functions such as dust resistance and anti-adhesion. It is widely used in manufacture of lubricating silicone products such as seals, pump plugs, hydraulic plugs, and miscellaneous parts.
Self-lubricating silicone oil 
Because special silicone is used in different product conditions and environmental differences, both supply and demand sides need to fully confirm product's working parameters, then customize design. Therefore, companies with experience in special silicone research, development and production can be more competitive, meet needs of products and customers with more professional technical strength.

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