What are common mold flow analysis software?

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(a) Moldflow

Moldflow Analysis software features injection molding simulation tools to help you validate and optimize plastic parts, plastic injection moulding die and injection molding processes. Software provides guidance to plastic injection mold designer, mold makers, and engineers to demonstrate how wall thickness, gate location, material, and geometry changes affect manufacturability through simulation setup and results clarification. From thin-walled parts to thick-walled, rugged parts, Autodesk Moldflow's geometry support that helps users experiment with hypothetical solutions before final design decisions.
Plastic packaging specialist Moldflow has developed analytical software that is said to help injection moulding moulds manufacturer create more advanced packaging in a short period of time. Company noted that new software is 40% more efficient than previous software in filling and packaging analysis, and is also more efficient at controlling valve continuous switching.
In addition, Moldflow believes that new software MPI 5 offers injection moulding moulds manufacturer more choices. It focuses on 3D technology, production improvement before and after processing, and is closely linked to consumer requirements. For example, software provides world's largest database of more than 7,800 materials for semi-automated engineering analysis of plastic computers. MPI 5 offers 19 modules that mimic 9 unique casting technologies. In addition, product offers improved geometric troubleshooting, removal tools and automatic mesh fixing.

1. Application of Moldflow software

Plastic molded products are a very complicated process from design to molding. It includes several major aspects such as plastic product design, mold structure design, moulding manufacturing process and molding production. It requires product designers, plastic injection mold designer and moulding manufacturing process technologists and skilled operators work together to achieve it. It is an iterative and continuous optimization process of design, modification, and redesign. Traditional manual design and manufacturing have become increasingly difficult to meet needs of fierce competition in the market. Use of computer technology is replacing traditional manual design methods in various aspects and has achieved significant economic benefits. Application of computer technology in plastic injection moulding die is mainly reflected in following aspects.
Plastic molded products and mold structure design
Commercialized 3D CAD modeling software such as Pro/Engineer, UG, CATIA, etc. provides designers with a convenient design platform. Its powerful surface modeling, editing and modification functions as well as realistic display effects enable designers to express their designs freely, truly realize what they want, calculate and save various physical parameters such as quality and volume of product, lay a good foundation for subsequent injection moulding mould design and analysis. At the same time, these softwares have special injection moulding mould design modules, and provide convenient mold parting surface definition tools, which can automatically generate complex molded parts. Standard mold base library, typical structure and standard parts library are complete in variety, easy to call and add, which greatly shorten injection moulding mould design time. At the same time, mold opening and closing mold motion simulation function is also provided, thus ensuring rationality of mold structure design.
Numerical analysis of injection molding process
Using CAE software such as MoldFlow to simulate flow, holding pressure and cooling process of plastic melt in mold cavity, predicting possible warpage of product, etc. Results have important guiding significance for optimizing mold structure and injection molding process parameters and can improve success rate of mold trial. It will be discussed in detail in following sections.
CNC machining
Numerical control programming software can simulate real-time machining process of tool on three-dimensional surface and display shape data of surface to ensure reliability of machining process. At the same time, it can automatically generate CNC wire cutting instructions, curved three-axis, five-axis CNC milling tool path and so on.

2. Role of MoldFlow software

MoldFlow software is a product of MOLDFLOW, Inc., which has been leading plastic injection molding CAE software market since it released world's first plastic injection molding flow analysis software in 1976. In April 2000, it acquired another world-renowned plastic injection molding analysis software C-MOLD.
MoldFlow software consists of three parts:
MoldFlow Plastics Advisers (MPA): After designing product, plastic product designer uses MPA software simulation analysis to obtain an optimized product design and confirm surface quality of product in a short period of time.
MoldFlow Plastics Insight (MPI): A software package for in-depth analysis of plastic molded products and plastic injection moulding die that simulates entire injection molding process on a computer, including filling, holding, cooling, warping, fiber orientation, structural stress and shrinkage, as well as gas-assisted molding analysis, enable plastic injection mold designer to identify possible defects in future products at design stage and improve success rate of mold trial.
MoldFlow Plastics Xpert (Injection Molding Process Control Expert, MPX for short): An injection molding quality control expert integrating software and hardware. It can be directly connected to injection molding machine controller for process optimization and quality monitoring, automatically optimizing injection cycle, reducing scrap rate and monitoring of entire production process.
Role of MoldFlow software in injection moulding mould design is mainly reflected in following aspects.
Optimize plastic molded products
Using MoldFlow software, actual minimum wall thickness of product can be obtained, structure of product can be optimized, material cost can be reduced, production cycle can be shortened, and product can be fully filled.
Optimize mold structure
Using MoldFlow software, you can get the best gate number and position, reasonable flow runner and cooling system, optimize size of cavity size, gate, runner and cooling system. Mold is tested and repaired on computer, which greatly improves quality of plastic injection moulding die and reduces number of mold repairs.
Optimize injection molding process parameters
Using MoldFlow software, you can determine optimum injection pressure, holding pressure, clamping force, mold temperature, melt temperature, injection time, dwell time and cooling time to molding best plastic molded products.

(b) Moldex3D

Moldex3D is leading brand of CAE mold flow software in global plastic injection molding industry. With the most advanced real 3D simulation technology, it helps users in all industries around the world to solve various plastic product design and manufacturing problems, shorten time-to-market and maximize product profit.
Moldex3D provides complete analysis tools required for each stage of design chain. eXplorer series is built directly into operating interface of various mainstream CAD software, allowing designers to perform flow analysis directly. eDesign series is a complete product and injection moulding mould design tool that allows plastic injection mold designer to quickly verify before moulding manufacturing process. Professional and Advanced series are high-end plastic injection molding engineering analysis and optimization software that provides in-depth and complete analysis of advanced processes.

1. Innovative real 3D simulation technology

Moldex3D's industry-leading 3D mold flow analysis technology is fully applicable to all types of plastic injection products. Use of solid hybrid meshes, combined with high-performance finite volume calculation method (HPFVM), can be used to accurately predict product manufacturing feasibility and suggest optimal design solutions for deep design verification and problem solving. Even if product is thick, thickness difference is large, it is difficult to define intermediate surface, or even geometry of product design is quite complex, it can be used to present full 3D simulation analysis.

2. All-round integrated analysis capabilities

Moldex3D is the most widely used high-performance mold flow analysis technology. In addition to simulation of thermoplastic injection molding process such as filling pressure retention, molding cooling, fiber alignment and plastic warpage, multi-material injection molding (MCM) is also available. Or simulation analysis of special processes such as reaction injection molding (RIM). In addition, I2 interface module can be connected to Moldex3D and general structural analysis software, including ANSYS, ABAQUS, NASTRAN, LS-Dyna and other well-known software to provide users with comprehensive integrated product design and analysis solutions.

3. Powerful automated 3D mesh build engine

Moldex3D not only has a full-scale computing core, but also develops a number of dedicated grid construction and editing tools for needs of CAE mold flow analysis. In addition to allowing users to efficiently build model grid, user interface is more convenient for users to get started quickly. In addition, Moldex3D is original automatic 3D mesh technology (eDesign), its powerful performance, greatly reducing manual time for users to build grid. At the same time, Moldex3D also supports most CAD files and CAE finite element grid files, which not only directly links user's usual CAD and CAE systems, but also provides many important functions such as graphic editing and grid construction.

4. High-resolution boundary layer grid technology (BLM)

In order to accurately calculate strong shear stress and frictional heat generation caused by injection molding process, high-resolution three-dimensional grid in product thickness direction plays an important role. Moldex3D's original boundary layer grid technology (BLM) can directly and quickly build high-precision and high-quality grids in thickness direction, greatly improving viscous heating effect and accuracy of pressure analysis, shortening time for users to build high-precision mesh, and greatly improve accuracy of warpage prediction.

5. High-performance multi-core parallel calculating

Moldex3D is industry’s first to introduce complete parallel computing functions. Its parallel computing technology is the only calculating module in industry that can fully support filling, holding pressure, cooling, warping, fiberglass directional, multi-material multi-shot molding, etc. By taking advantage of multi-core or multi-CPU common analysis, computing time can be greatly shortened, and multi-core personal computer with current mainstream can effectively improve computing performance by several times or more, so that you can easily streamline cost and create higher work efficiency.

(c) HsCAE3D 7.5

HsCAE3D 7.5 
Huasu Plastic Injection Molding Process Simulation Integration System 7.5 (HsCAE3D 7.5) is the latest version of injection molding CA E series software launched by Huasu Software Research Center, State Key Laboratory of Mould Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, simulate, analyze, optimize and validate plastic parts and injection moulding mould design. It adopts internationally popular OpenGL graphics core, efficient and accurate numerical simulation technology to support ten common data exchange formats such as STL, UNV, INP, MFD, DAT, ANS, NAS, COS, FNF, PAT, etc., supporting data exchange between runners and cooling pipes in IGES format. Product models generated by popular styling software at home and abroad (such as Pro/E, UG, Solid Edge, I-DEAS, ANSYS, Solid Works, InteSolid, Honeysuckle MDA, etc.) can be input and converted into HsCAE3D system through any of formats for program design, analysis and display. HsCAE3D contains a wealth of material data parameters and thousands of injection machine parameters to ensure accurate and reliable analysis results. HsCAE3D can also provide users with rheological parameters of plastics and add data to material database of HsCAE3D to make analysis results more in line with actual production.
HsCAE3D 7.5 can predict physical quantities such as pre-flow position, weld line and cavitation position, temperature field, pressure field, shear force field, shear rate field, surface orientation, shrinkage index, density field and clamping force during filling process; Cooling process simulation supports a variety of common cooling structures to provide user with surface temperature distribution data of cavity; Stress analysis can predict stress distribution of product during mold release, provide basis for final warpage and shrinkage analysis; Warpage analysis can predict deformation of product after plastic injection moulding die is released, predict final shape of product; Gas-assisted analysis is used to simulate gas-assisted injection molding process, which can simulate formation and prediction of gas penetration thickness, penetration time and percentage of gas volume to total volume of product. Using these analytical data and dynamic simulations, design and process conditions of gating system can be greatly optimized, and user can be guided to optimize layout of cooling system and process parameters, shorten design cycle, reduce number of trials, and improve quality of product, thereby reducing production costs.
Plastic injection molding is one of the most effective plastic processing methods and plays an important role in industrial sector. Due to lack of effective guidance of theory, mold workers have long been able to design molds and formulate molding processes based on their own experience and simple formulas. In actual production, for large, complex and precision molds, it is difficult to comprehensively consider and correctly deal with various influencing factors with limited experience. Traditional methods have been unable to meet needs of booming modern plastics industry.
An effective way to improve injection moulding mould design and manufacturing level is to apply CAD/CAE/CAM technology to field of plastic injection molding. Since 1990s, some pioneers in China's mold industry have successively adopted plastic injection molding simulation software. Since simulation results can correctly guide molding process, optimize mold structure, shorten trial and repair time, significantly improve quality of plastic products, its importance is gradually recognized by mold industry.
Plastic injection molding simulation belongs to cutting-edge science of mechanical, mechanical, material and computer intersection. Due to non-Newtonian nature of plastic melt, non-steady state and non-isothermality of injection flow process, it is very difficult to use computer simulation and optimize injection molding process. Although there are many R&D departments at home and abroad, there are still only a handful of commercial systems that can be formed.
Australia Moldflow simulation system is an internationally renowned brand software, which has been applied in some units in China. However, due to its high price, no Chinese interface, lack of domestic plastic rheological data, technical training and support, it is difficult to promote it in the domestic mold industry. For a long time, majority of mold workers are eagerly looking forward to China's development of domestic commercial software comparable to Moldflow, in order to comprehensively enhance technical level and international competitiveness of China's plastic mold industry.
State Key Laboratory of Plastic Molding Simulation and Mould Technology of Huazhong University of Science and Technology began in 1985, through support of national key projects of “Seventh Five-Year Plan”, “Eighth Five-Year Plan” and “Tenth Five-Year Plan” and National Natural Science Foundation of China, research and development of plastic injection molding simulation software system was systematically carried out. From HSCAE 1.0 version launched in 1989 to 6.10 version in 2005, it has successfully developed a Chinese character from two-dimensional analysis to three-dimensional analysis, from practical to commercialization, from partial pilot to large-scale promotion and application. HSCAE 6.10, a commercialized plastic injection molding integrated simulation system reaching current international advanced level, was successfully developed.

Huasu CAE Software Introduction

Huasu CAE software is CAE3D series of plastic injection moulding die introduced by Huasu Software Research Center of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. It adopts internationally popular OPENGL graphics core, efficient and accurate numerical simulation technology. Software supports material database at home and abroad, so analysis results are accurate and reliable. Huasu CAE software can also provide users with rheological parameter testing of plastics, and add data to material database of Huasu CAE software to help enterprises build their own materials database!
Huasu CAE3D software can predict pre-flow position during filling process, physical quantity such aas weld line and cavitation position, temperature field, pressure field, shear force field, shear rate field, surface orientation, shrinkage index, density field, and clamping force; Cooling process simulation supports a variety of common cooling structures to provide user with surface temperature distribution data of cavity; Stress analysis can predict stress distribution of product during mold release, and provide basis for final warpage and shrinkage analysis; Warpage analysis can predict deformation of product after plastic injection moulding die is released, and predict final shape of product. Using these analytical data and dynamic simulations, gating system design and process conditions can be greatly optimized, and user can be guided to optimize layout of cooling system and process parameters, shorten design cycle, reduce number of trials, and improve quality of product, thereby reducing production costs.
System function
Huasu CAE3D software has following functions:
1. Support file input of universal 3D modeling system, and can import various formats of data output by Pro/E, UG and other modeling software. Currently, it supports STL, UNV, INP, MFD, DAT, ANS, NAC, FNF, PAT, etc.
2. Data manager can conveniently manage and control analysis data and operation process.
3. Support open material database, injection molding machine database and mold steel database.
4. Automatic generation of process parameter optimization design and analysis report based on artificial intelligence technology.
5. Fast and practical runner design system, multi-cavity design system and molding process setting.
6. Convenient and quick cooling system design and process condition setting.
7. True display of flow front of plastic melt double-sided flow, prediction and real-time display of pressure field, temperature field, shear force field, shear rate field, etc. during filling process of plastic melt.
8. Solid flow function realistically simulates flow of molten plastic in mold cavity.
9. Display results of various data fields on any section of product enable user to easily observe various data of different positions in product at different times, which has greater guiding significance for actual production.
10. Simulation of injection molding cooling process provides user with surface temperature distribution data of cavity and guides user to optimize design of injection mold temperature adjustment system.
11. Warpage analysis can predict deformation of product after plastic injection moulding die is released, and predict final shape of product.
12. Simulation of injection machine and mold motion in plastic injection molding process.
13. Support batch processing functions for simultaneous analysis of multiple programs,
14, Three-dimensional display of parts and analysis results, with fast rotation, translation, zoom and other functions.
15. Analysis results can be displayed backtracking by time step.
16. Gas-assisted analysis can see gas penetration thickness, penetration time, and gas volume change curve in all directions.
17. Support import and export of runners, waterways, copy and paste scheme to optimize production time.
18. Support multi-window, multi-tasking work mode.
Functional Features Huajia CAE3D software features are as follows:
1. Three-dimensional realistic plastic injection molding process simulation integrated system, including simulation of injection molding, pressure holding, cooling, stress, warping, gas assist and injection molding simulation.
2. Conveniently display simulation results of user's concern such as front edge of glue injection, temperature field, pressure field, velocity field, temperature distribution of cavity, and warpage deformation of product.
3. Automatically predict location of weld seams and cavitation.
4. Support domestic and foreign plastics database, you can test and add newly obtained plastic rheological data to form a database with corporate characteristics, including injection molding machine database!
5. Support WNDOWS98/2000/XP and other Chinese simplified, traditional and English operating systems


POLYFLOW is recognized in the industry as a CFD solver for solving complex non-Newtonian rheological problems including viscoelastic flow. Direct coupling solver uses finite element technology to ensure that complex flow problems such as polymer material processing and glass forming are converged. POLYFLOW has advanced technical solutions for a variety of common problems in industry, such as deformed meshes, complex movements of solid components, and contact detection between free surfaces and molds.
POLYFLOW is a CFD software using finite element method, which is designed for flow simulation of viscoelastic materials. It is suitable for extrusion molding, blow molding, drawing, laminar mixing, flow and heat transfer, chemical reaction problems of polymer materials such as plastics and resins. In addition, flow aspect that can be used to simulate polymer problems is always ahead of other software.
POLYFLOW software has following features:
● Mainly includes several modules: POLYFLOW; POLYDATA POLYSTAT, which are executed by a master program POLYMAN.
● A wide range of viscous models and a rich library of viscoelastic materials. This database is constantly updated every year.
●When simulating complex rheological properties fluids or viscoelastic fluids, there are three main models: generalized Newtonian model; yield stress model; viscoelastic model (with a variety of scalable properties).
● Deformed mesh, contact algorithm, and mesh overlay technology are used to ensure accuracy of calculation results.
● With GAMBIT, IDEAE, PATPAN have data interface, you can use grid they generated, and POLYFLOW nested GAMBIT software. Supports multiple types of meshes, such as tetrahedrons, pentahedrons, hexahedrons, triangles, quads, combined meshes, and more.
● Shell model in blow molding process greatly reduces workload of engineer. Only by simple setting and calculation, it is possible to obtain important index parameters of thickness, shear stress and temperature of each part after blow molding in blow molding process.
● When calculating material mixing problem during extrusion, using free surface method, a variety of free surface types have established a good basis for simulating multiple types of extrusion mixing problems.
● Can be used to simulate electrical heating problems in glass furnaces, and conductivity in the process can be defined as a function of temperature.

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