What should be paid attention to when operating injection molding machine

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1. Before powering on, make sure that power switch of motor and electric heating is turned off.
2. Check whether circulating cooling water is connected smoothly. When machine is started and powered on, it must be ensured that water switch of hydraulic oil and circulating cooling water of barrel is open and unobstructed.
What should be paid attention to when operating injection molding machine 
3. If machine is equipped with a centralized lubrication device, before starting machine, check amount of oil in device. Before oil level drops and open warning line, refill lubricating oil and inject oil to specified oil level.
4. When machine starts, first use jog start. (that is, press motor start button, motor starts, then disconnects, after 1-2 seconds, repeat jog start and disconnect 3 to 4 times. When oil pump, the motor When oil pump and motor are running, listen for any abnormal noise. If there is any abnormal noise, stop operation immediately.)
5. Check parameters of machine when it is in operation, first put machine in manual state, press relevant button,look at pressure gauge to predict pressure of each section. When electric heater is not heated to set value (temperature during normal operation), remember not to start hydraulic motor, operate feeding, injection, ejection and other actions, otherwise it may cause failure or damage of machine.
6. Two mold clamping buttons in front of machine (one on the left and one on the right, green) must be pressed with both hands at the same time during operation, and one-handed operation is strictly prohibited: (that is, press one of buttons with an object first, so that button is in a conductive state, then only use the other button to lock mold, which will cause hand to be broken and disabled.)
7. When checking and adjusting various functional parameters of injection molding machine, power supply of motor and oil pump should be turned off as far as possible. If it is unavoidable, special care should be taken. It is strictly forbidden to operate keys on control panel of machine with one hand, while the other hand does any work within scope of lock mold area or touches any moving parts on machine. It is absolutely forbidden for two people to operate a machine: (that is, one person operates keys on machine control panel, while another person operates within clamping area or is in contact with moving parts)
8. Operating horizontal injection molding machine: When safety door is opened, it must be confirmed that stopper can automatically fall at stop position of mold opening, and do not move safety lever. Stopper or bumper cover, when machine stops in mold opening and does not reach end position, mechanical safety device does not work, and its criticality must be understood.
9. Check safety operation of machine: put machine in manual state, press mold opening button, and let machine fully open mold to end position. At this time, observe whether end position of machine mold opening is in set position. If mold opening exceeds set termination position position, machine will fail, and machine will not work;
What should be paid attention to when operating injection molding machine 
When machine is in manual state, press mold-locking key to make machine fully mold-locked (to mold-locking end position), then press red jump switch in the middle of front of machine, machine will start mold-opening action, mold will be opened to set end position; or put machine in semi-automatic state, start motor, press two mold closing buttons in front of machine at the same time with both hands (one on the left and right, green), machine quickly closes mold, when mold closes to slow motion of closing mold, release both hands and quickly press button in the middle of front of machine (red, the quick-lift button), mold clamping should be terminated immediately, and machine will quickly perform mold-opening action, so that closing mold is fully opened to stop position. If quick-lift switch is pressed, mold clamping is not terminated immediately and continues to close mold, motor should be turned off immediately to make machine stop working for repair;
If machine is equipped with a mold closing induction device, turn on machine, start motor, press electric heating, mold adjustment, and mold opening keys respectively to make mold open to set end position, then hold object in one hand and carefully place it in mold closing induction area, sensor light will light up, press mold locking switch with the other hand. Or press mold clamping switch with one hand, and machine slowly closes mold downwards. At this time, mold closing should be terminated immediately, and machine will quickly make a mold opening action, so that closing mold is fully opened to end position before it can be used normally, otherwise it will be stopped for repair.
10. Before checking machine or doing any work on machine, before touching any moving parts or pressure electrical parts, be sure to remember safety operation problem, and you must first cut off power supply of oil pump motor to ensure safety.
11. When nozzle (nozzle) is moving forward (falling), do not remove drooling resin from nozzle (nozzle) with bare hands. Injection molding should be stopped, tools such as iron pliers (clamps) should be used to remove it, and do not operate directly by hand.
12. Power switch should be disconnected for the sake of safety and protection of electrical equipment when work is completed or when power is suddenly cut off.
IMPORTANT: Failure to implement above-specified operating procedures may result in serious danger and machine failure.

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