Toy Mould

In 2016, China's toy industry grew strongly, contrary to recent development trend of light industry in China. In 2016, China's total exports fell by 7.7% and its total imports by 5.5%. Toy exports grew by 9.5% and imports by 23%. Customs figures show that total import of toys in 2016 is about 169 million US dollars, an increase of 22.96% over 2015. Recent actions of well-known international toy companies further illustrate continued upward momentum of imported toys.
With years of development experience and labor costs, China's toy industry has been developing rapidly and healthily. At present, China has become the largest toy producer and exporter in the world. Toy products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions. More than 70% of total sales of toys in developed countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan and so on are produced in China. Toys have become one of the five pillars of China's exports. At present, toy industry has a huge market capacity. For many years, with growth of world economy, world toy market has maintained a steady growth. After financial turmoil, with recovery of economy, demand of world toy market has recovered and continued to grow, especially in United States, European Union and Japan.

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